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Your Life Exists Within All Relationships

Self-Relating is the first and most important step in changing any area of your life. Self-awareness and respect are the roots of the coaching program. Master yourself – Expand abundant relationships. 

You master your relationships as a choice to deepen the bond with yourself first. Then true intimacy can bloom from deep connection  and communication with your loved ones. 

Scientists have discovered it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain, unless it’s done in play, in which case it only takes 10 to 20 repetitions.

You are your business. To be a successful business owner, you must have faith in yourself and your cause. People don’t buy from your business, they buy you, meaning the energy you embody.

The most spiritual thing you can do is be you. We are living in an amazing time where releasing your limitations can happen instantly. This phenomena occurs with a relationship with Divinity.

Wealth is the embodied internal state of universal abundance. Wealth occurs in any area of life when you reach this state of inner balance. Generating wealth is a product of self mastery.

How To Work With Us

You have three choices for coaching packages where you have the opportunity work with Christina and Tyler.

Each package can be adapted for 1:1 coaching, 2:1 coaching or 2:2 coaching (ideal for couples).

10 week Mentorship 

This is a journey of 10 weeks through any area of your life where we hold an open container that encourages your own realizations, expansion, and movement towards your goals in any area of your life.

This engaging mentorship program is structured based on your own needs and immediate goals, coupled with your willingness to break free from all your limits and see what is already yours. 

The program isn’t about fixing or healing any parts of yourself, but instead providing necessary insights that foster your own truth and expansion.

3 months: Follow Your Joy 

The Follow Your Joy program allows you to focus on one or two areas of relationship you’d like to change. The purpose of this program is for you to create your own easy and fun path to joy so that your relationships may thrive. 

6 months: Create Heaven on Earth 

Create Heaven on Earth is a unique opportunity to fully master all your relationships. The program begins with the foundation of creating a loving, balanced relationship with yourself, then brances out to all of your relationships. 

To be who you are is simple, yet complicating your experience limits you from this recognition. 

You are already evolved, loved, successful, abundant, and wise. Fully embodying this into your present experience is what makes you the master of your life.

You will have two adept coaches at your side, Christina and Tyler, who have over 30 years combined experience establishing balance and harmony within all areas of relationship. Their intent is to self empower you, lift you up, and guide your back into alignment with yourself (and with every aspect of relationship) – where anything you imagine can be made manifest.

Our Mission is: To authentically guide and assist you beyond your current limitations so you can become the master of any or all areas of relationship.

Christina Renee
Tyler Deal

Frequently Asked Questions

Only you know when you’re ready to have a coach or mentor. The desire to make changes in your life usually comes when your approach to life isn’t working. Finding an excellent coach can be rare, particularly finding those who have overcome their own limitations and are a living example of healthy, abundant relationships.

We don’t know how our coaching differs from others. The process of finding a coach isn’t about qualifications, it’s about connection, chemistry, and your instinct that a particular coach is right for you. An excellent coach has an abundance of life experience. They will draw upon their own wisdom and share space, tools, and processes that have helped them move through challenges while keeping you accountable.

Our coaching doesn’t use templates or follow guidlines found in traditional certificate coaching training. We understand that each person is unique and requires a diverse range of systems that allow them to makes changes in their own way.

The short answer is no. Results are based on your own effort to make changes. You do the work, not us. We can guide you, keep you accountable, offer you our wisdom, and give you tools and insights we feel you’d benefit from, but you do the work to stay on track towards your relationship goal. The coaching journey can be as fun as you decide to make it.

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