Love, Play, and Connect Like Never Before

Mystics Playground

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Where you will


Your current experience through fun activities, and play like children do.


Transform into Joy and become a beacon of Love expressed in the world.


Relate with others through the depth of your Heart's innocence.


Learn from the secrets of nature to grow into the Life you're meant to live.

Mystics Playground

A Return to Play

Planet Earth is calling all souls to play like children during this time of global transformation. Being happy and having fun in this life is what you’re meant to do!

We understand whole heartedly that life can feel heavy at times, and we believe the missing pieces we all crave to experience are: deep connection with self and others, feeling open enough to be seen and felt by the world, and rediscovering our innate gift to create, expand, and be an expression of Joy.

Fun is the precious key to living a life beyond your wildest dreams, and these sacred events are finally here to bring this to you.

What treasures you can expect while attending

Playing is where the heart is

“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation” -Plato

Imagine waking up and being excited, like when you were a kid, to jump out of bed ready to PLAY!  Life is full of wonder, and the child in you is ready to experience the Fun and Miracles Life has to offer.

Our workshops are filled with games designed to ignite your inner child and allow that playful side of you to emerge and expand while creating the experience of Joy and Fun. As you experience Joy and Fun through Play, and Laugh your way through the workshop, you will radiate more love and more vitality, therefore magnetizing more of what you want that brings you true JOY!

Through play, you will restore your genuine childlike curiosity and see the world with awe and wonder.

Deep Connection with yourself and others

It is true, we can only connect with others as deeply as we’ve met ourselves, and real connection is what humanity craves and needs the most.

Our workshops are focused on connection, both with yourself and others.  As we PLAY together, we deepen our self-awareness, our ability to connect with others, and we deepen our connection with Source, the Creator.

The games and exercises offered in this workshop are designed to give you the experience of deep and real connection, intimacy, trust, and aliveness! 

You will cultivate deep, engaging, meaningful and soulful connections at this workshop.

Allowing a Greater Love to Transform you

Only LOVE is real.  You are LOVE and authenticity is Love in Form.

The entire workshop is a container, a safe retreat for you to shed any masks that you may carry and truly show up as YOU!  Each modality and game you participate in cultivates a deep sense of safety and belonging that allows you to fully express who you are.

As you feel seen, heard, accepted and understood, you will feel LOVED and feel more LOVING towards others. 

A 2 day workshop or exclusive 7 day Retreat

Deep relating through games

Discover yourself while cultivating meaningful relationships with participants during these engaging games!

Improv games and scenes

Improv is Magic. Learning improv effortlessly increases confidence, daily joy, mental clarity, and intuition to name a few.

Sacred Inner Journeys

Connect to the Infinite Source with these sacred journeys. Connect with your impenetrable spirit and gain clarity.


God wants to connect to you through dance. Dance is an ancient form of movement that bridges Heaven and Earth.

How do I know if this opportunity is Right for me?

Your DESIRE to Connect and have fun means you’re in the right PLACE.

Learning to connect with others in a relaxed, fun, and safe environment is what we’re good at.

You KNOW this workshop is for you if Any one of these items describes you:

Ask Yourself:

Your Facilitators


Plus Years of Combined Experience

In Arts and Entertainment, Alternative Healing, Communication, and Restoration through Deep Relating.

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